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Innovative future services for mobile subscribers

Posted on: February 10, 2009

As the internet becomes more pervasive, Comverse is developing innovative ways for on-the-go people to use and enjoy the web – regardless of where they are and what device they are using – with services that transcend what’s currently available.

“Tomorrow’s communication experience will be largely about how telecom meets the web and empowers it,” said Chief Innovation Officer Daphna Steinmetz of Comverse, which is showcasing next-generation communication experiences at the upcoming Mobile World Congress.

“New networks, powerful devices and emerging technologies are laying the groundwork for future services based on context-aware communications, which understand people’s needs, intentions and behaviour,” said Steinmetz, whose Innovations Lab helps telecom carriers stay ahead of the next wave of market trends.

“Mashing up” the web and telecom worlds

Communicating in new ways with larger communities than ever before (commonly known as social networking) requires a portable window into the web world. In many ways, a mobile device acts as a social life-support system. This creates challenges in terms of creating a coherent view, especially when users belong to several online communities.

Comverse innovations address this challenge and go further. First, it has transformed the mobile phone into the center of all communication modes by aggregating social network contacts and their multiple addresses into the phone’s address book. Comverse then enriches that information with geographical location, availability and other key facts.

“An enriched address book encourages mobile users to reach out more often with contacts in any social community, as well as media uploading to social media sites,” Steinmetz said. “This also provides telecom operators with a new centrality in the user’s life, potentially leading to subscribers making more phone calls or sending more messages, all of which helps drive revenues for carriers.”

Context-aware communications: a new dimension of personalisation

Network knowledge about users can be leveraged to make services more attuned to user needs, intentions and preferences. For instance, when users travel to distant time zones, their callers are informed about the time difference and are given the option to send a message instead of potentially waking or disturbing the called party. Users also will receive optimal web search results based on their situational context (location) and past communication habits, so a businessman and teenager searching for “Paris Hilton” might get results for a hotel and a Hollywood icon, respectively, especially if the businessman is traveling in Europe.

Other examples of context-aware services are:

* Traffic and weather updates issued automatically, based on the user’s location and routine;
* Video clips automatically tagged by location and time stamp, to be shared with a person’s community; and
* Routing of communication to different terminals using different media types (text, voice) according to user’s availability. For instance, when users switch their phone to silent mode, they automatically will receive text messages, instead of voicemail.

Social graphs: a network of humans

Operators gather a tremendous amount of raw usage data about subscribers, which can help identify the most communicative people in the network. Operators can use this information for many purposes, such as viral marketing and identification of trendsetters to promote services. In addition, groups of friends can opt to harness network information to determine who among them is most popular, and each subscriber can monitor the ongoing quantity and quality of communication.

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