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Symbian Foundation to enable operators to implement own ‘app stores’

Posted on: March 1, 2009

The newly open source OS plans to distribute its new code to developers in April.

The Symbian Foundation said one of its core tasks in future will be to enable operators to integrate their own “app stores” in order to drive multiple “store fronts” onto the mass market.

According to Lee Williams, the former head of Nokia’s S60 division who was appointed executive director of the Symbian Foundation in October last year, the “store front” inventory will be available later in 2009. He noted that Nokia and Samsung have already launched variants of this feature for their handsets.

“Our role is to provide an inventory and a place for developers to go,” Williams said. “It will enable operators to have a really rich store front.”

Click here to find out more!Williams believes there is a requirement for a mass-market approach to the type of app stores pioneered by Apple on the iPhone. He said plans by the likes of Microsoft and RIM for their versions of the app store is reminiscent of the old “walled garden” approach that he believes is not sustainable on the market.

Williams also gave an update on the current status of the Symbian Foundation, which was set up to drive the future development of the Symbian OS as open source software.

He made it clear that the Foundation is being set up as a not-for-profit trust that is completely separate from the “old” Symbian, which in turn is now part of Nokia. He said the Foundation is now recruiting and expects to employ around 200 people by the end of this year, with 120/130 in place by May/June. The company also plans to unveil its new brand at CTIA this year.

Around two thirds of the leadership team is in place, and Williams said around half of the management will be from the “old” Symbian. The Foundation will also have its headquarters next door to the former Symbian in south London.

Williams said the Symbian code will be completely restructured and re-architected, with the first distribution on 2 April. The second distribution will be six weeks after that, and Williams said distributions will then take place every six months.

As for the wider mobile OS market, Williams said he believes multiple operating systems will continue to thrive. But he has doubts about the sustainability of the royalties model on which Microsoft Windows mobile is based: ‘I’m not sure they can carry on like this,” he said.

Source: Total Telecom


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