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Businessmen Want Mobile Video on the Move

Posted on: March 11, 2009

A consumer behaviour study by Ericsson and CNN has revealed that the international business elite are increasingly accessing the internet while on the move. ­The growing need for flexible viewing options to fit with changing lifestyle habits means that top executives are increasingly viewing TV content on lap-tops, desktop computers and mobile devices. The survey, carried out amongst CNN’s online audience, also showed that more business leaders than ever are sharing user-generated video content.

The survey found that 56% of respondents with mobile internet, access online content whilst on the move for example, via a mobile device or wireless LAN. This trend speaks to the increasing number of upscale consumers with internet access outside of the home or office environment.

Three quarters (73%) of CNN’s online audience of global citizens share user-generated video content. In fact, 66% of those over 45 share user-generated video content, de-bunking the myth that it is just an activity for the youth. Almost a third (29%) of those surveyed record video clips on their mobile phone. In a nod to the sharp rise of citizen journalism, and perhaps in response to the growing number of social platforms enabling video sharing exchange,16% of respondents are sharing user-generated video content are doing so with other digital community members.

Sixty-seven percent of those surveyed say their TV viewing on PC (desktop or laptop) has increased in the past three to four years and almost a quarter (23%) say their TV viewing on mobile devices has increased over the same period. Flexibility (71%) or the desire to catch up on missed content (51%) were cited as the main reasons for watching TV content on the PC.

Branded websites are the most popular online destinations for survey respondents accessing TV content online. Broadcaster websites (60%) emerged as the #1 choice for accessing TV content online. This is followed by broadcaster sections on video sharing sites such as YouTube (13%).

Television remains the most popular viewing device for CNN’s audience of global citizens. 35% watched their television set for more than 10 hours a week, whereas viewing for this length of time is considerably lower for PC (9%) and mobile devices (5%).

“These bespoke research projects deliver valuable insights that help us empower clients to market smarter and more efficiently”, commented Max Raven, SVP Advertising Sales, CNN International. “A live example is the ‘Race-for-Growth’ multi-platform advertising campaign that CNN created to promote Ericsson’s involvement in the Volvo Ocean Race. It’s a complete solution that offers the client a chance to connect with CNN’s audience of tech savvy consumers and business leaders via mouse, mobile, or remote control – in every corner of the globe.”

Survey methodology: Research was conducted online across the, and websites. 1094 interviews were conducted globally amongst CNN online consumers and results are representative of the regional composition of CNN’s online audience.

Source: cellular news


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