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First, it was Warid who introduced 89 paisa/minute call rate to any operator. Then in September 2008, Aktel introduced 68 paisa/minute call rate to any operator. Teletalk followed their footsteps by introducing 66 paisa/minute call rate in 2009. Now it is Banglalink’s turn to follow the other three operators who already have offered flat tariff to their subscribers. Today (6th November, 2009) Bannglalink just launched their 87 paisa/minute flat tariff plan.

Looks like its becoming a trend in the Bangladeshi market, to introduce flat call rate and allow the subscribers to call any operator’s number without worrying much about the differential charges. As more and more operators are adopting it we can safely assume that the financial impact of this tariff is quite positive. In fact, if we analyze the financials of the two operators- Banglalink & Aktel, we can easily see that AMPU of Aktel is lower than Banglalink but their ARPU is much higher. Yes, there might be some other factors but flat tariff is got to be a major factor behind Aktel’s higher ARPU.

As Banglalink has finally introduced flat tariff, it seems they have got the message and has acted accordingly. Question is when Grameenphone is gonna realize it?


Aktel is leading the way for Bangladeshi mobile operators to increase tariff. They were the first to raise the FnF tariff from 25 paisa per minute to 40 paisa per minute in 2008. Following their footsteps, Banglalink and Grameenphone increased their FnF tariff to 45 paisa and 49 paisa respectively. Now Aktel is active in another front, they have increased tariff of their NORMAL tariff plan.

Aktel has 3 different tariff plans for the subscribers which is flexible and can be changed twice within 15 days by sending SMS (charge applicable). Among the three, NORMAL tariff plan is the oldest one (the other 2 was introduced within the last 1 year). Most of the old Aktel subscribers (who bought their SIM before 2008) are subscribed to NORMAL plan. This is also true for the subscribers of Chittagong-Noakhali region where Aktel is holding a dominant position. Now subscribers of this tariff plan have to bear almost double call rate during the time slot of 4 PM to 12 AM.

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